The Left Shoe Company

I am excited to announce that this year I will be the global ambassador for The Left Shoe Company. I have had the pleasure of knowing Christian Haugaard (managing director) for some years now after being introduced by the previous owner Mr Erkan Fere. Since I have come across this unique brand my perception of what a good shoe should be has changed beyond all measure. Not only do they specialise in style and craftsmanship, they are unique in using 3D technology to map your feet so that they truly deliver a tailor-made one of a kind shoe.

“The Left Shoe Company, established in 1998, is a unique premium brand that combines technology with traditional craftsmanship to reinvent made to measure shoes for the 21st century. We make truly individual shoes for truly individual people – each pair is personalised to each customer’s feet and taste.

To join our stylish ranks, the customer pulls on a pair of geometrically patterned socks and steps on a 3D scanner that analyses and measures both feet from every possible angle. A highly accurate 360° digital model of the feet is created. Once scanned, the customer can choose from a wide variety of designs, leathers and soles to create a unique shoe, knowing that each pair will be made with the best possible fit, specifically for him.

All of our shoes come with the customer’s name and ID number as well as the shoe model engraved in the insole. The production time of the shoes is six weeks, after which the customer’s perfectly fitted shoes are delivered by courier to his office – or preferred address.”

I love the unique and traditional styles they present, and how the shoes feel and perform on and off the golf course. I was overjoyed to confirm their support under the new ownership and with the continued support of Mr Haugaard and his talented team. I look forward to starting my journey this season with The Left Shoe Company and displaying their unique creations on and off the golf course.

For a truly unique experience in shoe tailoring please visit the team at…..

The Left Shoe Company
11 Princes Arcade
St James
Mon-Sat 10am – 6.30pm

Menswear Lower Ground 1 109 – 125
Mon – Sat: 10am – 8pm
Sun: 11.30am – 6pm

Tel: +44 207 287 8444

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