The Man in the Mirror so far

Wow I forget most of the time to reflect on where I have been, what I was like in the past, and what I have done to get to where I am now. So where am I now? I am playing through my first year as a professional golfer on the Mena (Middle East and North Africa) golf tour, and it has taken me to countries I always dreamed of going to and other locations I dream of never going back to.

I have also played local Jamega Tour events back in the UK, to keep me competitive in the breaks the MENA tour takes. Have we seen the best of me yet? No not even close. I would say my results have been varied and I have at times shown brilliance in my game, and other times below professional standard, but that’s the game, the master of good golf consistently will ultimately be the winner in this game. My best result to date this year is tied 13th in the UK and 29th internationally, but as I write this I am on the plane to Dubai for my next set of MENA tour tournaments and with every intention of achieving new personal bests.

So, my progression not only this year but throughout my golfing life has taken twists and turns. From when I was a chubby 11-year-old playing down Test Valley GC to a now not so chubby 24-year-old travelling the world playing the game I love. You realise looking back at how not only on my journey but everyone’s journey, you have highs and lows, people come and go but Rome was not built in a day and if it was easy then everyone would do it. Golf has not only taught me golfing abilities, growing up it taught me to act like an adult as although I was a child I was certainly in an adults’ game. Dedication, how to behave, how to present myself, how to apply myself, and to learn to deal with failure and fight for success, it really is a game that is so much more than golf. Throughout my school years I felt I could apply so much of these qualities to manage an education along with pursuing my golf, I was always known as ‘EDDY THE GOLFER’ at Yateley school but juggling school, golf and having a social life was always hard and I learnt early on that there is always sacrifices you must make if you want to succeed. It was not easy pursuing my golf especially in the low periods, but I am so grateful that I stuck with my golf and kept my focus, as I broke and continue to break all my barriers that life and my golf throws at me.

Now with becoming a professional sportsman I have had to really apply myself to not just the game but also the business acumen behind it, and with that my website and professional social media was born. I can remember sitting in an Indian restaurant in Oman with Lee Ward my close friend and a man I owe so much to over the past few years of getting to know one another, without him I would certainly not be where I am now. So, we had just ordered mains and he pulls out a A3 piece of paper, on the agenda tonight, how to grow Eddy Holland as a golfer and a brand, his words not mine. So, after much deliberation we brainstormed on ideas for this website and my social media, content it should have, how I will get it, what I should do, and how I can be different with it. A lot of questions and what seemed like a lot of work. After this he went and bought me a GOPRO 5 and put me to work on and off the course.

This website and my social media has been the brainchild of Lee, myself and my brother, where over a two-year period we have worked extremely hard to turn the ideas into reality, with my brothers expertise of being a web and graphic designer put to extremely good use, even if he is now based in Sydney- Australia, we figured a way to make it all work and continue to do. The idea behind it all, to create a digital and social media space where we create a brand not only on the golf course but also off it (eddyhollandgolf.comFacebook and Instagram– @eddyhollandgolf).

As I look back over the past twelve months a lot has changed professionally, off which I could not always control, but I believe things do happen for a reason and I am excited how things are developing. I am now back full time at my childhood golf course, Test Valley GC, after moving on from my time at Wentworth CC. Both courses off which I cannot thank enough for their support over the years, but I am happy and excited to be back with my roots, and am still lucky enough to play regularly at Wentworth. Test Valley GC is a fantastic track based in Overton, Hampshire which over the span of 16 years has progressed every year getting better and better. The team are extremely welcoming and you will rarely find the course in nothing less than fantastic condition. Come and play and see me and the team down there.

I have also re-joined my local Nuffield Health gym, and continued to work with my fantastic team around me, I am loving my golf and loving the experiences it is bringing. I have travelled for golf to Morocco, the Middle East, Thailand, South Africa, and played in the UK to date, and will be finishing my year playing around Europe. Head to my results page to find out how I have done, and head to my events page for the upcoming tournaments in my calendar.

I am extremely grateful to everyone who has and continues to support me. ZIL GAS, my family, Lee Ward, Guardian Wealth Management, Test Valley GC, Auria Management, The Left Shoe Company, Wentworth and Dominus Management by Forzan Mirza. All of you have helped push my dreams and ambitions forwards and I have made friends and alliances for life

Moving forwards, we have a lot of ideas to grow Eddy Holland golf, its digital, social media footprint and on course results. It’s not easy but I am determined to succeed.

Thank you for reading, follow my next blog on my experiences on the Mena Tour in South Africa and Thailand. I will also be posting exciting news on my new sponsorship, and the ideas we have working alongside each other.

Written by Eddy Holland. 

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