Results/ Statistics

Coronavirus- At this current time, their is no golf tournaments scheduled due to the ongoing health pandemic.

look at my events calendar to see what competitions i’m playing in 2020.

Results will be posted as soon as released for each event.

  • The Berkshire Trophy (Amateur) – Tied 8th
  • Royal Golf Mohammedia Open (Pro) –Tied 44th
  • El Jadida Championship (Pro) – Tied 52nd
  • Dubai Creek Open (Pro) – Tied 34th
  • Shaikh Maktoam Dubai Open (Pro) – Tied 28th
  • Tue Gold Citizen Abu Dubai Open (Pro) – 53rd
  • Ascorp Golf Citizen Abu Duabi Open (Pro) – 48th
  • Sahara Kuwait Championship (Pro) – tied 30th
  • Ghala Open (Pro) – Tied 49th
  • Mena Golf Tar Championship (Pro) – Tied 25th


  • Age
  • Best Professional Finish
  • Best Score- Wentworth West (Par 73)
  • Lessons Completed
  • Tournaments played
  • Average GIR %
  • Average FIR %
  • Average Sand Saves %
  • Driving Distance (yards)
  • Average Putts Per Round
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